Post date: Jan 17, 2014 10:23:41 PM

Minecraft Chess board. Requires 1.8 features CLONE and FILL. Announcement post and discussion on Reddit:

Thanks to @Orange1095 and @MineDragnoz for the solution to TESTFORBLOCK signal locking.

World downloads (use latest version) and board Schematic attached below.

This is a playable chess set using the latest v1.8 Minecraft:

The development process has been captured here:

To be done. At the moment (v0.3) you have the ability to pick up and place pieces.

Wish list:

i.e. there's no logic currently. At the moment it's just like having a physical board where you can do whatever you like if you so choose.

Right now this implementation will support chequers and any other similar board game of this type. Just change the pieces on the 'reference board'.