This page is mainly about origami and how to make it and my origami creations.

Here is a series of 'Star Wars' origami stories that i really enjoyed and would recommend to 'starwars' fans.

The books in order are 'The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda', 'Darth Paper Strikes Back', 'The secret of the fortune wookie', Árt2-d2's Guide to folding and doodles', 'the suprise attack of jabba the puppet' , 'Princess lablemaker to the rescue', and last but certainly not least EMPEROR PICKLETINE rides the bus'.

I have a special thanks to Tom Angelberger for making the books.


The copies of how to make the origami finger puppets can not be shown due to laws but you can go to http://origamiyoda.com/ and look at the instructions there.