Exciting New Things: Week of 2015-05-18 (May 18 2015)

Post date: May 17, 2015 11:57:2 PM


(1) Phoenix SC has made a working Jigsaw Puzzle in Minecraft! This was assisted by some code in the latest GFX filter that chops up a Minecraft object in the horizontal plane (Method: PUZZLE, usage notes via the Twitter conversation here)

(2) Simply Sarc diving "game" (silly thing):

(3) Tomorrowland by @Dragnoz and @BlockworksYT


(1) @rsmalec's Vanillla challenge is underway. Join in the fun by making a map in Survival mode without ANY 3rd party tools!

(2) @rriverstone (GrannyGame1) is making a map based on native American culture:


(1) MCEdit v2 Alpha can be downloaded and installed from htttp://www.mcedit.net . It is by @Codewarrior0

(2) Butterflies


(1) Twitter campaign for proper content credit: #ShameOnYouTuber. Read more here (Reddit)

I find it unforgiveable when "credit links" to the content author are left off videos. The Let's Player is only able to work because someone built the thing they are playing. Often this is a mod or custom map built for free by a community member. This behaviour reeks of exploitation.

I find it annoying when there is a link but it is obfuscated by url shorteners. People won't click a link to god-knows-where.

I am irritated by vast walls of "buy my merchandise" that obscures the content creator link, when present. The first piece of info in the video description should be "what I am playing, who made it, and where to get it".

(2) VoxelBox Minecraft Opera

(3) Wonderquest Episode 4 has been released. This is a great series - make sure you check out the channel for the animated partner program: 



"Minecraft" is a video game by Mojang / Microsoft. http://www.minecraft.net