Post date: Feb 13, 2014 1:43:48 PM

This MCEdit filter helps you move Redstone Command Blocks that use setblock for signalling around.

Suggested by @Jigarbov

Select the area with CommandBlocks signalling using setblock and run the filter. This adds alias signs to your build at each of the setblock targets. Re-arrange the command blocks and signs then select and run the filter again. This changes all the alias references to absolute co-ordinates and cleans up the alias signs. You can change the input parameters, but generally don't bother.

Make backups before using this. It can be destructive

Some usage notes (v7):

1. Only SETBLOCK and TESTFORBLOCK is implemented properly at the moment. All setblocks will be affected though, so choose wisely.

2. there is no 2.

3. there is no 3.

4. There is no maximum any more. I'm not using signs

(NOTE: MCEdit reported co-ordinates may be slightly off from in-game co-ordinates)