Manipulating Mobs

Post date: Dec 27, 2013 10:40:27 AM

I was enthused to participate in a short map making exercise over Christmas 2013. As a result I wanted to pick up some new skills: Command Blocks and Mob properties.

Here are a couple of MCEdit filters that automate creating different mixes of mobs and mob properties.

SkeleTest creates Command Blocks along the X-axis of your selection box which generate a skeleton wearing an item ID on their head. The item ID number is the x-coordinate of the block in space, so run this from the Origin in a positive X direction.

MobRidingTest creates all different types of mobs riding other mobs.

These are provided as-is with limited support (i.e. happy to chat about usage) via my Twitter: @abrightmoore

Enjoy! Let me know what you come up with.