Map Making Under Pressure - Strawberry Jam

Post date: Aug 07, 2017 9:47:13 AM

I have been having fun this month peeking under the lid of the CTM Community. This is a world of Minecraft map makers who enjoy making and playing 'Complete the Monument' challenge worlds in Minecraft. These type of games involve overcoming challenges to secure items that can be placed in the world to build a statue. Typically the player is fighting their way through monsters to grab coloured wool to place on a pedestal.

The community runs 'game jams' which provide a time boxed period for a map author to create a playable CTM map. 72 hrs is common, though there is a 3 hour micro map challenge as well.

This is a very active group who are welcoming of newcomers.

Here are some handy links to get you started:

(Some creations I made for the recent Map Jam are below!)