Strawberry Jam CTM 15 - Castle Cathedral Citadel

Post date: Jul 30, 2017 2:46:5 PM

A CTM Dropper Puzzler map.

The evil Lord Seil has swept away the three Wools of Power and hidden them in different dimensions. Your task is to recover them and return them to the floating castle.

You start in the castle and can choose to do a tutorial by following the White path, or recover each of the Wools of Power by following the Yellow, Orange, or Red path.

The game can take some time to move you to each dimension, so be patient while things get set up.

Once you recover each of the Wools of Power, place them on the corresponding colour back in the castle courtyard to complete the challenge.

Hit me up on Twitter for hints and guidance: @abrightmoore

Complete the levels, acquire Yellow, Orange, Red wool, and drop onto the table in the castle courtyard to win.

ToDo: Automate the win detection.

Download below.