Post date: Dec 30, 2018 8:11:46 AM

Per Cold Fusion Gaming.

Render structures as time-series cellular automata in the North-South direction of the selection box.

This filter will let you import a (non Alpha) png and specify the RGB values to match as 'seed cells'. It places them in the middle of the south-most plane and runs the simulation from there. You can also select "None" and it will use the non-air blocks in the south-most plane to seed the process. The final approach is 'randomise' and you suggest the 'frequency' of live cells in the first layer as a float (i.e 0.2 = 20% chance of each cell being 'alive'). I also save off the last frame if you read in from a png file so you can start again from that point later. It's in the MCEdit binaries directory with an "_end" suffix.