Post date: Aug 02, 2016 2:35:50 PM

An ore populator. Made for the Trollcraft map commissioned by @CaptainSparklez and friends from @BlockworksYT: https://twitter.com/BlockWorksYT/status/773232506472636416

This takes no options as the data set is within the filter. Select the map and run it. There's a report on which chunk it is working on.

Each ore type is described by a row like this:

("air infused stone",1498,1,0.000206744843783596,1,255,3)

It is:


The 'radius' is a little loosely defined. Most ore seams with a radius > 1 will be smeared out in space.

The radius > 1 will upset the ratios overall because more blocks will be in each ore deposit. I trust that isn't a huge problem.

If it is, we can correct on the frequency.