Post date: Sep 15, 2014 1:21:40 PM

v6 with Entity relative generation courtesy of @CitrioN !

Particle pattern effects via Command Blocks in Minecraft generated with an MCEdit filter

Use of the 'RELATIVE' checkbox on the filter is a bit odd. I'll explain‏

If you are placing the command block generator at x=100, y=2, z=50 and you want the particles to be generate 10 blocks SOUTH of the commands, you check "Relative" checkbox and enter the cords x=100, y=2, z=40. All the command blocks generate with offset cords that land the particles offset from ~ ~ ~-10 (with calculated offsets from each command block). 

Notes: Pictures render upside down currently. Flip if required. Also, rendering is along the 'x' axis. Later I will add a configure option including diagonals.