Polar Sphere v1

Post date: Jun 15, 2013 11:46:43 AM

This is a parameterised custom MCEdit filter that plots a function in polar co-ordinates within your selection box.

Version 2 allows you to specify the angle bounds (min/max) to be rendered - you can now draw segments of the sphere.

Use this to:

The options are:

Path Length: How many iterations of the function to run. If your shape is truncated, increase this number and re-run.

Horizontal Period: This is a multiplier for the number of revolutions of angle in the horizontal plane each function iteration

Vertical Period: This is the multiplier for the number of revolutions of angle in in the vertical plan each function iteration.

Radius Period: The line length is derived from the smallest dimension of the selection box, but this parameter can cause it to change in a sinusoidal way with each iteration.

Radius Percent Gap: If greater than 0, this will leave space in the middle of the object and only draw a path near the edge.

Terminating Block:  If True, this only draws the last block in the line each iteration (i.e. the edge block).

Compound Angles: If True then the next angle is calculated using the sum of previous angles. If False, it uses a fixed step size each iteration.

Some examples with parameters: