Post date: Mar 31, 2020 8:23:1 PM

This is an MCEdit script that uses PYMCLEVEL to tabulate text strings into language files. This allows you to swap in translated text in your products.

WARNING: This filter will make changes to your world files. Work with a backup available to roll back to or don't use this program.

Design and QA was aided and abetted by @Jigarbov.

Status at release for Bedrock v1.12:

DONE: Jigarbov: feature request: discard signs if they are blank. there are a lot of signs used as deco which junk up the lang file

DONE: [2:21 AM] Jigarbov: book support would have to scan containers for both written books and book and quill (written but not signed) books. the page formatting will be an issue

DONE - added writable_book and also a slot ID to the key when in a chest: [2:27 AM] Jigarbov: so it looks like its finding books but it isnt doing anything when it does find them

DONE: Yes they do! (Gimme a test case that fails so I can check the NBT tree) [2:27 AM] Jigarbov: the pages do not appear in the lang file

DONE (for signs and books) [2:33 AM] Jigarbov: empty strings result in non displays, so they will have to be purged from lang file

DONE - Jigarbov: feature request: title commands convert to titleraw and use translate string. same kinda thing you already do with tellraw

NOT DONE - Jigarbov: something that i dont know if it works or not: translating command block "names". i tried to put a rawtext into a command block name and it deleted the entire chunk, but i was using mcc toolchest, which has a habit of doing that with me anyway, so might be worth testing? some people lable command blocks as part of their UX, for example they turn command block texture into a computer, name it "open door" so when you hover your curser over it, it says "open door"