Post date: Mar 08, 2013 11:37:19 AM

This MCEdit filter is for taking Minecraft textures and creating cubes in MCEdit with them. It also creates height maps from PNG files based on the intensity of each pixel.

You can:


(1) Mark a selection box in the world in an empty area the size of your texture file. 16x16x16 is default

(2) Open PNG to BLOCKS filter

(3) Leave checkboxes as default 

(4) Run filter 

(5) Path to wherever your v1.5 texture files are and select one. The Filter will run, building a cube.

(6) CTRL+S to save 

(7) copy paste copy paste your new block.

The colour mapping is from Sethbling's Player Statue filter.

The filter requires

Enhancements to be Done:

As a bonus feature, in version 4 you can also render a height map from the colour intensity in a PNG image: