Post date: Oct 16, 2013 11:10:17 PM

This filter does a bunch of interesting things.

How to make a landscape from a height map

Version 3 is a testing release that support colour mapping in your orthogonally projected PNG files.

Make 3D models from orthoganal projections in version 2!

There are some awesome images from NASA's space probes available. These can form the basis of alien planet 3d voxel maps in Minecraft.

Here is a section of Io, the moon of Jupiter:

Using this image with the LANDSCAPE filter yields this result:

The material can be specified. If it's WOOL (Block ID 35), Hardened Clay (159) or Stained Glass (95) then the colour of the original pixels will be matched as closely as possible to the material.

Download and use the filter below. Share with me your results!

Stained glass:

Stained Clay:

A discussion on the filter's development on Reddit:

This filter is based on my PNG to CUBE filter, which is based on my PNG to Blocks filter, which was derived from Sethbling's Player Statue filter. The library is required.

If you downloaded v3, grab it again. The problem shown on the right is now fixed.