MINETEXT - MCEdit filter to write words into the world

Post date: Mar 07, 2013 8:23:29 PM

This MCEdit filter converts text you write into blocky words in the Minecraft world.

(2013-03-09 - update v5 includes a fixed width font from /u/katra_ix, the prototype font, and some large Minecraft blocks that you can 'type' into the world as letters a-s)

(2013-03-07 - update v4 includes a proportional font, and support if you want to add your own. Create a directory under your filters/font directory to add your own font)

To install:

1. Copy the .py file into your MCEdit filters directory

2. Move the font folder into your MCEdit filters directory

To use:

1. Add any new 5W 10H 2L .schematics you want to the font directory. The naming convention is .schematic

2. Select a region in MCEdit

3. Enter your text in the Message field

4. Run the filter.

You can change the material with MCEdit's Replace tool.

A video tutorial is online here: VIDEO

Reddit thread here for discussion

This album shows how to create the .schematic files for your own font.